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Shenzhen Linxiang Electronic Co., Ltd.

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Shenzhen Linxiang Electronic Co., Ltd.
Address: No. A3055, Floor 3, Jiyin Plaza, No.7002, Longgang Boulevard, Longgang Sub-District, Shenzhen
Fax: 86-755-89884778
Sales Manager:Mr.Li 13728659019
E-mail: Li89440783@126.com

Shenzhen Linxiang Electronic Co., Ltd. is the earliest NTC thermistors device, Varistor, temperature sensors, Resettable fuse, TVS Diode, discharge and other sensitive components of the production and sales company, with advanced production equipment, special test measuring instruments. Company to adopt and implement a comprehensive quality management system (ISO9001/ISO14001) products according to EU ROHS lead-free production. The main products have passed CQC UL VDE safety approvals. The products are widely used in industrial electronics communications transport medical equipment automotive electronics appliances power supply and other fields!
The company according to ISO9000 standard to establish a more comprehensive customer profiles and product files. Professional and technical personnel on a regular basis for a return visit to customers and customers with joint engineering and technical personnel to solve product development and manufacturing process technology, circuit protection issues, to ensure to provide the best cost-effective solution.
We always use good faith for the spirit of credibility to the brand's aim to win market operating companies. Electronic products according to the actual working environment and changes in the market, customers need to continue to introduce new products. We warmly welcome business letter, call the sample obtained from the relevant technical information, and sincerely hope that with your company to establish a good working relationship.