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The size of the NTC thermistor with filter capacitor

What size to choose the NTC thermistor is decided by the size of the filter capacitor.Dimensions of the NTC thermistor, to allow access to the size of the filter capacitor is strict, this value is related to the maximum rated voltage.In power application, boot surge is produced by the capacitor charging, so usually use allows access to the electric capacity under a given voltage value to evaluate the capabilities of NTC thermistor under surge current.
Dimensions of NTC thermistor, it can withstand the maximum energy has been identified, according to the first-order circuit resistance energy consumption E = 1/2 x CV2, which allows access the capacitance value varies inversely as the square of the rated voltage.To sum up, the input voltage, the greater the allows access to the smaller maximum capacitance value, and vice versa.