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The parameters of power type NTC thermistors

1, the maximum working current of the NTC thermistor is greater than the actual working current of power supply circuit;
2, power type thermistor nominal resistance
E/R acuity 1.414 * Im
【 type E for line voltage Im for surge current; for switching power supply, inverter power supply, switching power supply, UPS power supply, Im = working current is 100 times; for the filament, the heater circuit, such as Im = 30 times working current 】
3, B value, the greater the residual resistance is smaller, when working temperature is smaller;
4, the general said, dissipation factor and time constant of the product, the greater the heat capacity of said resistor, the greater the resistor surge current control capability is strong, maximum rated voltage and filter capacitor, products allow maximum starting current value and long-term working current of load on the NTC thermistor.